Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a marketing technique aimed at improving website visibility in search engine on organic search results. The on-page and off-page optimization techniques need to be used in an effective manner for better results. Search engines are smart, but there is still room for better assistance. LeadsQ provides full support in this by optimising a website, which involves editing of the content, HTML and the associated codes, thus enabling its relevance to specific keywords and removing barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. As SEO is a continuous process, we help in optimising website content, building search engine friendly websites, link building, back links, etc., thus gradually improving the sites ranking.

SEO is set of technique aimed in giving your brand website a visibility in search engine page. It effectively increases your visibility in major search engine such as Google Yahoo Bing, Alta-Vista etc. if your website not generating the right traffic you will be the out of the business soon. Leadsq provides intelligence which gives the real time reporting with user friendly interface, if there is something you need out of the box we will make the proper adjustment.

What is SEO ?

Search Engine has many functions such as index building, crawling, it calculates relevancy and gives ranking to the websites. Search Engine collects all this data to run search queries smoothly. It creates database by calculating annual crawls of the internet. Search Engine works on mathematical formulas that would help to define density of keywords and placement of words within the site structure which may affect your SEO ranking.

How we use ?

LeadsQ uses SEO to increase traffic into the website that would result in increase in the revenue of the company. We create images and videos instead of only text for the product recognition and upload into the website. LeadsQ uses free search engine portals in order to reduce cost of advertising and promotion. We try to attract qualified visitors on the website. We also try to encourage the visitors to again visit the website.

On page SEO

LeadsQ  does on page optimization by making search engine crawlers read the website content. Therefore if the content of your website is readable and is of good quality then the web pages of the website will be highly ranked. LeadsQ try to find out the keywords, phrases and synonyms which are mostly preferred by the client. We try to predict what all keywords a person would type and what is he searching for. We focus on Quality of the Content that would help us according to the theme.

On Page SEO benefits provided by LeadsQ:
  •    Inexpensive & Powerful Marketing
  •    Permanent Value
  •    Timesaving
  •    Uniqueness
  •    Local Results
  •    Page Speed
  •    More Organic Traffic Sources
  •    Leverage Long Tail Keywords
  •    Improve CTR

Off page SEO

LeadsQ  does off page optimization techniques to increase website ranking level in various search engines such as info graphics, bookmarking, directory submission, social networks, blogging and forum postings. It also helps to optimize your website and help to bring in local area interest. We also make sure that Google would recognize the website. We promote the website pages on Facebook and Twitter, so that people share and like the content. This would make our website page become more popular.

LeadsQ uses Bing, Yahoo and Google Webmaster tools to manage the website statistics. We just put the website content and site map into the Webmaster tool. It then shows error when indexing your site is done.

LeadsQ uses Google analytics in order to check the website ranking. We also use Key performance indicators to check bounce rate of all the landing pages and keywords which are increasing the traffic. The Page views tell about what are the web pages which attract most traffic. We also get the Traffic reports which gives information number of new and repeated visitor on our report.

The Entrance keywords tell us about what words people use to search our website. The Exit pages are the pages because of which the people leave the website. The Google Page Rank shows our websites all over ranking on the basis how popular our website is.

LeadsQ is a B2B generation firm, where SEO plays a crucial role. Leads Q uses SEO to accelerate traffic into the website, resulting in elevation of revenue of the company. This is done by creating images and videos for the product recognition and uploading them into the website. This action is aimed at attracting qualified visitors on the website and encourage the visitors to visit the website again

Off Page SEO benefits provided by LeadsQ
  •    Increases Your Website Position in SERP
  •    Increase in page ranks
  •    Increase in website exposure

Leads Q understands that on-page and off-page SEO are equally imperative for execution of effective content marketing strategy.


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