Contact Discovery

What every organization needs is its black book of contacts which can boost its sales numbers. The team at LeadsQ performs this job for you by wading through large databases and compiling an accurate list of clients customized to your needs. This can help in establishing connections and fostering business deals with ease.

What We Do:
  • Create a contact list from scratch whose data is verified by our team
  • Profile accounts using a combination of telephone calling and online methods
  • Data is customized according to your business needs
  • Verify client records to ensures rich dividends

Database Validation

We at LeadsQ take pride in our data verification skills and guarantee a database filled with accurate and precise information. Our data quality consultants use a combination of automation and manual skills to validate its authenticity. The accurate data, in turn, would assist in generating leads and establishing sales.

What We Do:
  • Create a structured database and removing any misspellings in contact information
  • Employ the best methods to create easy segmentation of contacts
  • New data fields are created to meet new requirements of data updation

List Building

With a list boasting the data of more than 47 million, LeadsQ have the required information spanning across industries. Our list building capabilities can assist companies in creating a structured database with up-to-date and verified information.

What We Do:
  • Identify prospective companies and reach out to them
  • Compile their contact information in a neat list
  • Customize the information according to your industry
  • Run data de-duplication and standardized tests for accuracy
  • Help businesses in targeting companies relevant to them

CRM Appends & Cleaning

Our team of partner relation executives have a tremendous experience of fostering relationships with clients even after closing business deals.

What We Do:
  •    Cleanse out corrupt data and replace it with data with stronger integrity
  • Run cleansing operations at scheduled cycles to ensure the accurate functioning of databases
  • Verify the data for authenticity and relevancy and append accurate data during updation
  • Our cleansing cycle guarantees our clients an error-free database
  • Create backups of databases in case of emergencies


Why we are?

We are lead generation experts our mission is to help you to reach more people faster and build a sustainable pipeline through

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing