Lead Generation

Do you want to find the new opportunity that grow your sales ?

Lead generation  is the initial step in sales it improves the sales results and increases the return on investment. LeadsQ a lead generation firm have the best resources and expertise to generate the new business opportunities for you. Our expert puts right effort to produce quality of leads. After generating leads we validate every lead by our telemarketing team. Most of the business today uses multiple channels for lead generation.

Lead generation is the basic need of digital marketing company for growing the organization. Leads generation is very important part of any digital organization. Leads are created for many purposes such as list building, list acquisition and for sales. Leads can be generated under the umbrella of advertising and non-paid sources such as organic search engine such as internet or referrals from existing customer.

Leads can from various ways such come from digitally through the internet, personal referral, telephone calls which are provided by the organization and telemarketers, advertisements and also events.

Our lead generation process to verified sales leads will help your company…

  • Expand your business - LeadsQ helps business to get the genuine leads for the business to grow the sales and revenue.
  • Cost effective – qualify leads results in better sales conversions. So LeadsQ reduces more man handling process, extra efforts to find the right prospect, time consuming appointment generation.
  • Convenient & Hassle Free – working with LeadsQ you can terminate your management challenges get best guidelines from our consulting team so you can entirely focus on your business growth. LeadsQ always provide the best technology to meet the future business needs. /li>

Lead Generation Process

Generating leads does not happen magically, for generating leads there is some science and little built art for do it.

  • PLAN :  Success begins with an inbound planning day

    Without producing the publishing content of company, there is no effect into inbound marketing program.

  • CREATE :  Develop content that will attract visitors & convert them to leads

    The basic of any lead generation is creating leads. Getting your perfect content in front of your target through social media, internet etc.

  • DISTRIBUTE :  Share content specifically designed to appeal your idea customer

    If your content is proper or perfect to your company site, then no one can bit to get the leads from customer.

  • CAPTURE :  converts visitors to leads to generate a list of qualified prospects

    Every lead generator have to analyse what is the thinking are working & what’s not so we can adjust

  • ANALYSE :  Review the data to determine what is working, what is not & how to adjust

    Not in very time leads ready to buy in first time.

  • CULTIVATE :  Maintain lead

    For visitors, we use mail campaign & work flows to learn more about your company and products.

  • CONVERT :  Get visitors to raise their band and ask to be contacted

    For visitors, we use mail campaign & work flows to learn more about your company and products.

Pitching your potential customer even before they intend to make a purchase is like finding a needle in the haystack; that's what lead generation is, cultivating and turning potential customers into revenue. The marketing landscape is undergoing rigorous change, and B2B is all about filling the marketing funnel amid the current attention scarcity. Capturing more leads and ultimately nurturing them into sales is what sustains your organization and builds brand awareness in the utterly complex marketing climate. Learn how you can up your lead generation game with persuasive tactics and optimize each phase of your marketing funnel.


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