Email Marketing

Email Marketing  is the finest medium to connect with your business clients, when you have a great product or services and want to engage your customer our email marketing strategy provides you the power to speak directly to your customer and can form a vital part in your online marketing strategy which helps in build customer bases, establishment, brand enhancement, and communicates with your target audience. LeadsQ helps to reach you to your target audience with following manner.

  •    Easy and Familiar
  •    Measurable
  •    Affordable
  •    And It Works

Gone are the days when email ids were acknowledge only for mails and attachments. In this cut throat era, email marketing is a rage. Email marketing is a direct digital marketing tool that engages the email for delivering a viable message. By utilizing the righteous email marketing technique leadsQ enhance client’s conversion rate.

Email Marketing Objectives

Primary Objective

  •    To build database and maintain relationships with customers/subscribers

Secondary Objective

  •    To drive customer to client product and services
  •    To increase product awareness and encourage trail of client business

Email Marketing Campaigns

Target E-mail campaigns by LeadsQ will make sure the maximum conversion rate for you. We run an email campaigns which covers all for you like email strategy, template design, landing page design, HTML coding, conversion optimization and analytics. LeadsQ create customer-centric emails that are personalized and to one person only. Also we make sure that the emails are landing to the inbox of your clients which drive both traffic and sales to reach the end goals. LeadsQ ensure that every single email send to the customer that list members is useful and valuable. For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. LeadsQ make it worth it for your audience to open and read your content on email.

Target Audience

We accept campaign from all the Geo’s across the globe. It includes various types of Job Titles for particular region which are specific to the campaign.

The Benefits of Email Marketing with LeadsQ

  •    Highly Targeted - dynamic, personalized content
  •    Immediate – Shorter lead time
  •    Reach – unlimited distribution globally, infinitely scalable
  •    Test and Refine – ensuring optimal results through continues improvement.
  •    Better conversion rates – seamless – uninterrupted process from prospect to customer in a matter of clicks.
  •    Cost effective – fast acting, flexible focused campaigns equals maximum return on investment.

How it works

  • Build the permission based mailing list.

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  • Build the Content.

    • Establish the type of email to be used
    • Establish the frequency of emails to be received
    • Construct the content to be emailed
  • Select the template according to POC

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  • Check the test mail or verify the email

  • Schedule the mail according to the countries time standard

Email marketing is the undisputed champion in true sense.

Connecting to as many prospects possible is the first step to creating a robust marketing campaign, but the conflict arises when opting for the right tools. Yes Email marketing works, but only when implemented the right way. The fact that its budget-friendly and effective, allows businesses of all sizes to add Email marketing in their marketing manifesto.

With email, you reach the largest pool of potential customers and in doing so you create a higher brand value, which eventually sparks growth.


Why we are?

We are lead generation experts our mission is to help you to reach more people faster and build a sustainable pipeline through

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